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Who we are

Our pursuit of cutting-edge medicine can be seen not just as mere science but also as art, bringing depth and beauty akin to philosophy. The inspiration brought forth by the world's finest products driven by a passion for "health and longevity" is truly the pinnacle of art. And it is our serious commitment at SanSynergy to weave this level of artistic inspiration into our local community through medicine and beauty.


Until we introduce a single brand to Japanese doctors and consumers, we undergo thorough testing and analysis, investing an immense amount of time and effort beyond words. This is to fulfill our mission of delivering the most advanced medical, health, and beauty products at the same quality level as in their home country, adhering to Japanese regulations, and delivering them in the best possible way. And to ensure that new medical, health, and beauty products are used to their fullest potential, we prioritize "education" above all.


We are a specialized trading company that embodies the credo "Bless each other with great health, for passion for miracles." We adhere to three pillars: established medical evidence, products that bring certain benefits without harm to the body, and products that are truly unique in the blue ocean. With overflowing passion, our top priority is contributing to the health of the local community.


For the future, we aim to expand life happiness through astonishing beauty and anti-aging for an aging society, and also to support women's health and the involvement of children with developmental disorders in response to a declining birthrate society.


We take pride in protecting the health of our loved ones. The products we offer are thoroughly safe and of the highest quality. Longevity and health are the greatest treasures, and access to these treasures is bridged by us alongside Japanese doctors. Join us on the ultimate journey of health and happiness.


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